I am a Vermont-based creative marketer, designer, proactive leader and team builder with 20+ years of brand management experience. I have a passion for developing valuable partnerships and delivering meaningful stakeholder-focused communication. I am passionate about addressing the natural world, animal wellfare, climate change, equity, diversity and sustainability. 
Business Experience
Extensive leadership experience and capable of complex project management. Led in-house team of designers to produce over 100 new toys & games per year and the annual 200+ page product catalog as Art Director at International Playthings.
Capable of flexible leadership style. As manager for several years, developed motivational and inclusive leadership style that fostered team development and communication. Facilitated organizational changes focused on processes, individual leadership, improvement of communication and maximizing technology to communicate efficiently.
Conducted regular performance reviews, assessments and tailored strategies for staff success that aligned with evolving corporate goals.
Managed vendor relationship and built partnerships non-profits, ad agencies, illustrators, printers, photographers. Vetted prospective vendors and conducted contract negotiations reducing costs. Skilled in resource management and needs assessment for evaluating hardware and software, utilizing SaaS resources, hiring staff and interns and other resources as needed.
Experience in B2B and B2C focused organizations and agencies, with thorough understanding of the differing processes of bringing goods to market; including both e-commerce and retail sales.
Involved with integrating ESG criteria and B Corp standards into Norwich Technologies’ everyday business practices by determining appropriate issues and metrics across the company’s divisions.
Conducted regular internal marketing analysis and set SMART goals that align with the mission and vision of the department. Led quarterly data collection & created presentations to foster evidence-based decision making and transparent public communication while at BPRW.
Marketing, Advertising & Promotion Experience
Developed and presented in-depth and comprehensive marketing plans. Facilitated marketing focused internal team workshops for stakeholder evaluation and persona creation.
Performed public relations duties by writing and releasing press releases, organizing press events, news media interviews, and collaborating with industry-specific media outlets and publishers.
Content creation and visual storytelling for multi-channel campaigns that include art direction of photo shoots, copy writing, video creation, developing downloadable publications, and emails.
Direct outreach through tabling, public workshops, presenting at community meetings, flyer distribution and in-person surveys.
Involved in planning and promotion for events: including Burlington’s July 3rd Fireworks which draws thousands of visitors; in-store “play dates” at specialty toy retailers involving character costumes, flyers, ads and giveaways; as well as corporate sponsored charity events.
Designed and implemented trade show events for International Toy Fair (NYC) and International Home and Housewares Show (Chicago), RE+ (Boston), including: signage, video demos, booth design and construction, rental components, shipping logistics and all incidentals such as hospitality area and cleaning.
Shaped the market segmentation and created buyer personas for BPRW’s constituents, as well as Turtle Fur’s wide breadth of products using sales data and consumer demographics, and Norwich Solar as the company shifted business strategy.
Devised digital advertising plans and evaluated results for SEO, SEM/Google adwords and PPC display ads. Set key performance indicators for social media and email marketing plans as well as website performance (traffic, conversion rates and CTR). Formulated an integrated approach for social media marketing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to drive viewers to website.
Implemented website re-designs, as well as e-commerce sites. Designed visuals and organization of new websites with valuable SEO content and up-to-date information. Worked closely with web designers to program site. During my time at Turtle Fur online sales doubled (Amazon.com and turtlefur.com combined).
Developed promotions for service providers and retailers including coupons, sale pricing and customer loyalty programs. Designed direct mail & newspaper inserts at International Playthings for over 50 retail partners with one million copies printed and distributed nationally.
Prepared advertising strategies by determining appropriate message, defining key audience and desired reach, then select the best media to make the most impact. Execute media buys for radio and print ads, and developed familiarity with TV commercials.
Created all types of printed marketing collateral: brochures, sales and consumer catalogs, sell sheets, packaging, media kits, annual reports, sponsorship packages. Complex annual product catalogs were designed to be better organized, visually appealing and always delivered on time.
Design & Brand Management Experience
Provided best-in-class brand management by creating brand style guides for internal & external partners. Researched and implemented corporate-wide digital asset management systems.
Explored new brand designs and wrote brand briefs including features & benefits, style, copy tone/voice, brand archetypes and over arching communication strategy.
Completed competitive analysis and product positioning for new & existing product lines. Also performed in-depth market analysis and research utilizing internal research data and external resources.
Played integral part in FurReal Friends product development & launch for Hasbro. The product line was completed in half the time typically allotted. Art directed and designed the sub-brand identity, logos, character illustration, packaging and product photography. Evaluating lines and recommended adjustments to merchandising based on targeted MSRP ranges, product breadth and depth, and consumer demand.
Brand development including logo design, product naming, mood boards, and product design. Helped create new brands for top manufacturers – most notably the FurReal Friends Furry Frenzies at Hasbro; Chillow and InstaHang at Hampton Direct. Responsible for a brand refresh of Turtle Fur’s iconic ‘walking turtle’ logo. Also repositioned existing brands to drive new sales for Earlyears at International Playthings and 35º Below at Hampton Direct.
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